STEM EXPO Finalists 2013


Tyler Meyer Gateway Science Academy Chemical Reactions
Maguire Kinealy & Grace Jegle Gateway Science Academy Water Tension Babay Diaper
Jakob Nagl Gateway Science Academy Bed Of Nails And Balloon
Darrin Burley HSA Cleveland High School Decomposition Reaction: Ammonium Dicromate
A’tiva Witten HSA Cleveland High School Decomposition Reaction: Hydrogen Peroxide Mno
Jasmine Patawaran HSA Cleveland High School Elephant Toothpaste
Daniel Rojas-Ayala, Rene Pacheco HSA Cleveland High School Air Connon
Joe Howard and Kendall Calhoun HSA Cleveland High School Gas Pressure
Dominic Holutiak HSA Cleveland High School Smahing Thermite Reaction
Jada Harrison, Nathan Smith HSA Cleveland Middle School 3d Printer
KARIM MUSAYEV HSA Dayton High School Cloud In The Bottle
Nataly Pabon HSA Denison Middle School Cool Reaction
Dezmond Jett HSA Denison Middle School Dry Ice Crystal Bubble
Bradley Johnson HSA Denison Middle School Egg In Bottle
Amani Woodall HSA Denison Middle School Instant Snow
Noelani Sayre HSA Denison Middle School Reversible Thermoelectric Demonstrator
Alura Gregg HSA Denison Middle School Atomic Instant Worms
Daishana Bynes HSA Denison Middle School Windbag – The Bernoulli Bag
Angelica Figueroa HSA Denison Middle School Bubbling Lava Lamp
Albert Fontanez HSA Denison Middle School Centripetal Force Board
Zion Haskin HSA Denison Middle School Homopolar Motor
Jasyra DeJesus HSA Denison Middle School Magic Tree
Angel Worley HSA Denison Middle School Marshmallow Masher
Nathanael Cruz HSA Denison Middle School Fun Fly Stick – Static Generator
Kyanie Vazquez HSA Denison Middle School Hovercraft
Hayden Champnoise HSA Springfield Call Him
Camron McKown HSA Springfield Polymer And Water Tension
Levi Deleon HSA Springfield Bubbles
Roger Whickum HSA Springfield Cleaning
Taylor Kelley HSA Springfield Carbondioxide
William Fournier HSA Springfield Ferrofluid
Millenia Terrell HSA Springfield Lit The Bulb
Louis Tehan HSA Springfield Magnetism
Bracy, Elba HSA-Lorain It Is Ok
Gonzalez, Alan HSA-Lorain Fire Proof Balloon
Allen, Octavia HSA-Lorain Expanding Ring And Ball
Dakota Stevenson HSAT Downtown Mysterious Water Suspension
Antoine Jr Caradine Minnesota School of Science Can Crusher
Zakariya Makaran, Eddie Anderson Noble Academy Columbus Hovercraft