Design Contest Finalist- 2015

Thanks to all participants for sharing the creative entries; we truly value the time, effort and imagination the students put into each design.

Design Contest Winner 20151st Place            :  Daniel Miranda – HSA Cleveland High School

2nd Place           :  Alexis Ortega –  HSA McKinley Park

3rd Place           :  Nelly Reyes – HSA McKinley Park

Finalists- in alphabetical Order

Bryanna Ibarra – HSA McKinley Park

Chaz Sardin – Quest Charter Academy

Elias Figueroa- HSA Lorain

Leonard Cruz – HSA McKinley Park

Prince Cross – HSA Lorain

Shelby Powell – Michigan Math and Science Academy

Taya Johnson – Michigan Math and Science Academy


The First  Place winner will be awarded by $250 check during the CONSEF Award Ceremony. The other 9 finalists will be awarded by $25 gift card.

Click to see the top three winners.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Brianna Ibarra HSA Mckinley

Chaz Sardin QCA

Elias Figueroa HSA Lorain

Leonard Cruz- HSA McKinley

Prince Cross- HSA Lorain

Shelby Powell MMSA- Michigan

Taya Johnson MMSA – Michigan