Coronavirus Response Information

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Thousands of students from across the Concept Schools network have competed in its innovative Science Fair, STEM Expo, RoboCON, and Math Olympics competitions, and CONSEF takes the health and safety of its students, families, and staff very seriously.

CONSEF has continued to monitor the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation very closely, and has balanced the guidance of public health officials with the national trends to limit travel and large gatherings whenever possible.  

Which at this time means we are canceling CONSEF, RoboCON, STEM Expo, and Math Olympics, originally planned for April 4, in Rosemont, IL. 


Watch for Updates

We will post necessary updates on all communications channels, including the CONSEF website, via email, and on this page.

Always an innovator, CONSEF, RoboCON, and Math Olympics are looking into alternative possibilities to hosting our events, virtually or online.  Please look for updates soon.


Helpful Resources

CONSEF continues to encourage everyone to join us in following public health advisories by taking all of the appropriate personal hygiene measures being recommended. Click here (PDF) for an overview of personal precautions to take.

Here are some websites to stay familiar with COVID-19:

Coronavirus Infographic (Johns Hopkins Medicine) 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (CDC, National)

US Department of Education Coronavirus Information (DOE, National)

World Health Organization Coronavirus Information (WHO, International)


Contact Us

As always, please direct any questions about CONSEF to