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Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
300 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, OH 44113

NEW Rules

CONSEF 2018 Theme: Climate Change
At CONSEF 2018, there will be Judges' Special award. This special category can be applied to all existing categories. A project can be done in any category with the Climate Change focus. The best project will be awarded by $150.
If you agree that human activities cause a drastic change in climate in this century, prepare your project around this theme, or you can simply bring your evidences to prove that the climate change is not caused by human activities.

Design Contest 2018: Cool the Planet-One degree at a time.
Sketch your artwork around this motto. The best artwork will be chosen in both junior and senior categories.



We are currently seeking sponsors and marketing partners for STEMCON 2015.

Schedule of the Day

The schedule of the day for CONSEF and STEM EXPO.


There are 14 different categories in both Junior and Senior Divisions.


Fair Awards will be given in 5 categories according to the participants’ scores


Watch CONSEF 2017

Watch CONSEF 2017

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  • Bill Patmon-State Representative

    "In this country, there is no other place I have seen this many kids come together with enthusiasm and genuine support in schools. It is evident that these students have the encouragement and education to become the next Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs" (March 2012).
  • Marcia L. Fudge-Congresswoman

    "I just felt a real sense of knowing that someone here today, some young person is going to do something great. I am just happy to say that I was here at a time when they start their careers" (March 2011).
  • Nina Turner-Senator

    "Thank you very much for grooming our future scientists" (March 2010).
  • Andrew Brenner-Ohio Rep

    I think STEM from the standpoint of ‘you’ve got a lot of talented kids,’ but they end up in, you know, classrooms that really don’t realize their potential. And through the STEM program it’s pretty obvious that many of these kids are able to reach that potential and go way beyond it.
  • Hanno Becker-School Admin

    I have worked for multiple CMO's, both local and nationally-based, and I have never been a part of a CMO-organized event like CONSEF. This was truly an amazing experience for our students and staff.





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