About Us

CONSEF is part of the larger STEMCON annual 2-day conference held in Cleveland, Ohio. STEMCON features the STEM Conference, a professional conference for educators and STEM professionals, and CONSEF features a series of STEM competitions and expositions for students.

All students from public, private, charter, or home schools are welcome to attend and compete in the following CONSEF events:

CONSEF – Project Session 

In the project session, no one is competing against any other participant. Participants will be awarded according to their scores given by the judges.


CS Stem Exposition is an event designed to encourage students to showcase their science demonstrations.


The ROBOCON is a robotic sumo contest, in which two autonomous robots attempt to push each other out of a circular arena using mechanisms, cunning, and brute force.


The Design Contest is an art competition. The entries of top ten finalists will be displayed at CONSEF on April 18, 2015. The winning design will be printed on program booklets.