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Concept Science and Engineering Fair – STEM Exposition

CONSEF/STEM EXPO is organized by Concept Schools, a Chicago-based, non-profit, charter management and consulting organization. We welcome over 600 students from across the Midwest, particularly from Ohio. These students came from an array of educational backgrounds from public to private, charter, and home schools. All were welcome to attend and compete in the Concept Science & Engineering Fair and show their demonstrations at STEM Exposition.

CONSEF – Project/Poster Session 
The mission of the Concept Science & Engineering Fair is to increase public awareness in science, math and engineering. We believe that every school has the potential to shine in science, math, and engineering; therefore, we encourage every student to share research/project summaries through this unique platform. All students (5th -12th grades) from public, private, charter, or even from home schools are welcome to attend and compete at the Concept Science and Engineering. Participants will be awarded according to their scores given by the judges.

The poster session is  free and open to the public visits between 12-1 pm. Click to See The Schedule of the Day

Here are several options to support this amazing event.


STEM EXPO – Student Demonstrations
CS Stem Exposition is an event designed to encourage students to showcase the results of their stem studies and their science work. The purpose of the exposition is to apply knowledge and understanding of science, technology, engineering and math to conduct in-depth, “real-world” investigations and offer another venue for students to practice their presentation skills.

The CS Stem Expo is also open to all students, parents, and community members to enjoy hands-on activities and explore the excitement and opportunities that science offers.  Visit hours 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Click to See The Schedule of the Day

  • Send your students to participate in STEM EXPO. Click to read The Essential Packet for the participation details. 


The Design Contest is an art competition for CONSEF. The entries of top ten finalists will be displayed at CONSEF. The winning design will be printed on program booklets and the t-shirts given as complimentary to the students  during the fair.