Theme of the Year-2022

The Science of Disasters and the Engineering of Solutions

To participate in “The Theme of Year Award,

  • Choose your project’s category
  • Choose the method of your study (Experimental or Design Projects).
  • Shape your project around the “The Science of Disasters and the Engineering of Solutions” Theme.
  • Your judging rubric will include additional items to evaluate the following areas;
    • Identify a problem that happens before, during, or after a natural disaster occurs.
    • An innovative solution that helps people prevent, prepare, stay safe, or rebuild.


Disasters can cause human, economic, or environmental losses that disrupt the functioning of a community and exceed the community’s ability to cope using its own resources. Disasters can be caused by natural events or man-made activities. 

Natural disasters can be caused by several factors:

  • Wildfires and droughts
  • Volcanic activities, earthquakes, and landslides 
  • Floods and avalanches
  • Hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and storms
  • COVID 19 and other disease epidemics, and plagues

Man-made disasters 

  • Industrial and transport accidents 
    • Fires
    • Structure failures
    • Mining accidents 
    • Explosions
  • Environmental degradation, hazardous material spills, and pollution


The top project (only one student) among the participants of “The Theme of the Year” category will be awarded with  a certificate, a trophy, and a $200 of monetary award.