Sample Judging Questions


1. What is your name, grade, and school?
2. Summarize your project.
a. What is your project about?
b. What was your hypothesis? Why did you think this would happen?
c. How was your data collected and analyzed?
d. What was/were your control(s) and variable(s)? How did you measure them?
e. Tell me about the experimental process and results.
3. What is the most important thing you’d like people to know about your project?
4. How long have you been working on your project? When did you start?
5. Where did you get the idea for your project?
6. What research did you do? Approximately how much time did you spend on your research?
7. Who was your mentor? How did he/she assist you? What did you learn from him/her?
8. (If there are graphs/charts…) Explain the graph to me.
9. Can you repeat the conclusions you have drawn with regard to the problem you stated?
10. Did you keep a daily log on the results of your experiment?
11. What source of information did you find most valuable in helping you with your project. (Book, magazine, internet, experts, etc.)
12. Did you work on your project at home or in school?
13. Did you have to do your experiment more than once?
14. How much time did your daily observation take?
15. Did anything unexpected happen during your project?
16. Did you have any failures? Did you learn something from them?
17. Do you think you have learned anything of value in doing this project? If so, tell in a sentence or two what you’ve learned.
18. What did you learn from this project?
19. If you had to do it all over again, is there anything you’d do differently?
20. What would be the next experiment you’d like to do?
21. What was the hardest (or most fun, exciting, etc.) part of this process?
22. How can you improve your project? Could you make it more scientific? Could you improve your techniques in any way? Could you get more accurate results? Could you improve the quality of your observations?
23. Do you think you will continue to work on your project? Could you find new problems to solve?
24. Has this project clarified any basic ideas of science or math for you?