2013 Results

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Category School Student
Behavioral Science (BEH) HSA Toledo High Mariah Jelks-Mccomb
Biochemistry (BIO) Gateway Science Academy Isaiah Merchant
Botany (BOT) Chicago Math and Science Academy Ayesha Mirzakhail
Chemistry (CHEM) Chicago Math and Science Academy Milosz Tomaszewski
Earth & Space Sciences (EARTH) HSA Cleveland High Chance Mitchell
Electronics/Engineering (ENG) HSA Columbus High Mohammed Moumen
Environmental Science (ENV) HSA Cleveland High William Stark
Health (HEALTH) HSA Toledo High Kandann Coleman
Mathematics (MATH) Quest Charter Academy Daniel Parker
Microbiology (MICRO) HSA Toledo High Steven Hoy
Physics (PHY) Chicago Math and Science Academy Muhammed Aftab
Zoology (ZOO) Chicago Math and Science Academy Amanda Hyde


Category School Student
Behavioral Science (BEH) Parma Community Middle School Bayley Miozzi
Biochemistry (BIO) HSA Dayton High Makhmud Makhmudov
Botany (BOT) HSA Columbus Middle Maryan Aden
Chemistry (CHEM) Gateway Science Academy Abigail Christina Nagl
Computer Science (COMP) IMSA North Aundreaus Cole
Earth & Space Sciences (EARTH) Parma Community Middle School Alexandra Lutzo
Electronics/Engineering (ENG) Noble Academy Cleveland Elmore Hall
Environmental Science (ENV) HSA Springfield Brandon Leu
Health (HEALTH) Menlo Park Academy Sparsh Balabadrapatruni
Material Science (MAT) Gateway Science Academy Jacob Chancellor
Mathematics (MATH) Madison Community Elementary Juliuana Roman
Microbiology (MICRO) Menlo Park Academy Delilah Stack
Physics (PHY) Gateway Science Academy Halit Ozkaya
Zoology (ZOO) Quest Charter Academy Anna Rosenberger